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A peace offering.

A peace offering.

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The Six Laws of Adorability by Jacob Andrews [collegehumor]











Um. So I’m probably one of the few folks who doesn’t think this is adorable. At all.

I think it’s fucking scary how this little boy keep pushing himself on her after she CLEARLY doesn’t want to be bothered with his ass.

And the adult behind the camera doesn’t intervene at all because it’s ‘cute.’

And how analogous it is to when grown ass men don’t take fucking no for an answer, no matter how much we push and shove and say no.

This is not cute. This is an absolute disregard of this little girl’s boundaries.

In the very bottom left gif you can see he’s smiling/laughing. Like this is some kind of game.

I would bet money that the person filming this is laughing and encouraging him.

This is how we teach boys not to respect women’s spaces.


Yes, ALL OF THIS COMMENTARY. It’s so hard to believe how we encourage this disgusting behavior in babies now. What. The. Fuck.

Men and women are socialised from BIRTH. Men develop these habits from BIRTH and they are reinforced year after year after year until they reach adulthood.

It also teaches that little girl that adults will not ever come to her aid or defense, that she cannot trust grown-ups to care about or respect her boundaries, that she’s all alone in this and can only rely on herself.  That’s some fucked up shit right there.

Bolded because I learned that a long time ago.

Okay, hold up.

You’re pyscho analyzing toddlers. Kids who cannot be beyond 2 and a half years at best with ideas of rape culture, responsibility and “boundaries”. These are children who do not even know how to control themselves enough to go the toilet properly and you want them to understand concepts of boundaries?

Like no, fuck your shit for enforcing these ideas on shit like this. That boy’s being a little annoying shit the way my 2 year old niece would be an annoying little shit by trying to hold my hand, or grabbing one of her playmates’ legs even when we tell her several times “No”. It’s a toddler’s mind that cannot fully comprehend the matter at hand, so when you go ahead and place such analysis on such innocent kids, you’re going to seriously fuck up the kids. 

This is not about how that little girl won’t have adults never coming to her, the person who said that is so fucking stupid. Like what proof is that towards your statement? Do you have analysis of how this particular “grooming” of the toddlers is teaching the girl not to trust adults and not that grown ups don’t care? Like what kind of community do you even live in to make this sort of shit come out of such a gifset. These kids are being kids.

It could happen to boys with boys, girls with girls, and boys with girls. Toddlers have annoying habits. Anyone who has babysat enough times and had to take care of them would realise that at that particular age, children would be curious and would almost always completely ignore what others are saying to satisfy their curiosity even if it meant for the child to be pushed about again and again. 

Honestly, fuck the fuck off if you think this shit is in anyway some demonstration of rape culture, sexist lack of respect of boundaries, or some other type of shit. I’m sick of Tumblr’s psychoanalysis of these things without taking into consideration that the reality of the matter is much more simpler than Tumblr makes it out to be. 

Do not enforce your own problems onto innocent children and breed them to become fearful and paranoid as you are. 

It’s still a little unsettling. Parents should teach kids every lession they can to help their children at these young ages because they are learning how the world works. If pushing himself onto other kids gets him positive attention then he’s going to think that’s ok and will continue that behaviour because kids want attention. Teaching a child that “no means no” is a valuable lession in more aspects than rape culture, and just because its cute doesnt make it acceptable. Teach kids to respect others, it’s the most valuable lession you can teach.

Don’t do math kids

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Porn without porn

Porn without porn

Someone put these up all over school and I just…

Someone put these up all over school and I just…